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Introducing Ben Hunt's Pro Web Design Course

Your coach, Ben Hunt

Ben Hunt has been a web design professional since 1994. He has consulted for massive online brands, government agencies, and countless smaller businesses. Ben has also written books on design, conversion, and Internet marketing, plus hundreds of articles.

Today, Ben is dedicated to teaching the next generation of web designers how to succeed by delivering what he calls “Ultimate Web Design”.

“Most web designers – even many professionals! – do not know what makes websites really work… get found… engage visitors… generate action… and make money!

My Ultimate Web Design approach incorporates all the essential marketing disciplines, and generates great results time and time again.

I have spent my career exploring what makes web pages work. I have run several successful agencies, and helped dozens of my students build their own businesses… and now I want to share all my secrets with you.

This unique course contains all the insights and skills you need to be a successful professional web designer.

In fact, I personally guarantee that – when you follow my system – you will make money - or I'll refund every penny of your course fees!”

Who Should Take This Course

The Pro Web Design Course covers the full breadth of skills in Ben's “Ultimate Web Design” approach.

Students have started their own web design, marketing, and SEO agencies after (and during!) the course.

Others have developed their online marketing, design, production, and copywriting skills, which has helped them to make money online through their own products, by freelancing for others, or even to secure good permanent positions with established agencies.

Take this course if…

“A life-changing experience!”

Sarah was one of the very first course students. She now has her own web design business, and has worked alongside Ben on numerous projects.


25 Reasons Why This Is The Course For You!

1. The Most Comprehensive Course Available

No other course can touch the breadth or depth of this one, with over 180 topics totalling more than 43 104 hours of top-quality material.

This is the complete package. You really need no other course to be fully prepared for professional web design!

Check out the Full Course Schedule (warning, it's 28 pages long!)

“Breadth… Detail… Value…”

The three things that I'm most impressed with about this course are…

1. The breadth of the course, so much more than website design — the name doesn't really do it justice

2. The sheer amount of detail

3. Value for money, probably the best value course I've ever seen!

Steve Dillon

2. Highly Practical

It isn't enough just to know the theory. You only really master skills by practising them. This course is all about real-world skills. As you follow the material, starting from the very basics, you have plenty of opportunity to practice the skills many times.

You'll soon be applying skills you have already used many times with real, paying clients.

“You don't just tell me, you show me…”

There are a lot of practical examples throughout the course (website reviews, HTML and CSS etc). You don't just tell me how to design, you also show me and that's important!

Mederana Clarke

3. Video-based

So you see and hear an expert work through each topic in action. Ben doesn't just tell you how to do something, he shows you too.

Visual worked examples make it much easier to follow, understand and remember what you learn.

“Much more engaging”

The business insight and how you apply things to real projects and customers is what seemed to differentiate the course for me.

Text books are an increasingly dry way to learn and I have come to find that learning with some form of video content is much more engaging.


See for Yourself!

Here are just a few of the 35 videos just from month 1 of the course, to give you just a taste of the range you can expect when you sign up. Click to view.

Note: These have been compressed for YouTube. The real videos are much better quality!

Shiny Table Reflection Effect in Photoshop

Simple CSS3 Gradients

Your Web Design “Business Chassis”

Remember, this is just a tiny selection of the course material,
but it should give you some idea of the sheer scope you'll cover.

Want More Free Videos?

Sure! Just go HERE to try a whole week (week six of the course) completely free!

4. Delivered Online

The short topic videos (5-30 minutes) mean you can view online or download and follow the material when it suits you.

Many of our students have work or family commitments, and find the online delivery really helpful. Others download the videos to watch on a laptop or iPad while commuting.

Plus, you get access to our excellent exclusive online forum, where you can share ideas and get support from other students and seasoned pros.

Screenshot of the exclusive PWDA forums

The course works around you. You can take this course wherever you are, at the times that work for you.

“It fits into my busy schedule”

The course is incredibly generous in terms of the information given. Added to this, was access to a wide range of helpful books that make it well worthwhile.

I liked that I could work at my own pace which made it possible to fit into my already busy schedule. I also really appreciated Ben's positive style.

B. Morgan, August 2012

5. Download and keep all the materials

You are encouraged to download every video module and ebook, yours to keep for ever.

You can refer back to over 43 100+ hours of training material whenever you need.

“I can bring the course with me”

I love that we are able to download both the videos and the casefiles for review offline. I can bring the course with me, even to our summer house.

Daniel Hansson

6. Work at your own pace

You can study each module when you're ready, and as often as you like. Some people take 12 months to get through all the material — others less than six months.

You can work through the course at the pace that works best for you.

“I could work at my own pace”

I love that the course is delivered over time, so I could work at my own pace.

Also, the segments are reasonably quick to watch – not hours at a time.

Megan Bennett

7. Structured

The course covers one topic in detail each day, which builds toward your own working business.

You don't have to worry about what to do when you complete the course. (Many of our students are already making money before they have completed the material!)

“Helps me to track my progress”

I really like how the course is structured. This helps me to keep track of my progress and manage my study time properly.

Mederana Clarke

8. Manageable

You'll cover the full syllabus easily, usually with just one main topic each day.

Don't worry about getting overwhelmed.

“I have been looking for a course like this…”

I have been looking for a course that has a focus on design and user experience rather than on programming – html and css. There are plenty of courses and resources online and offline to learn programming but nobody really teaches you to put it together to help clients meet their goals.

I was also quite impressed by how every day of the week was dedicated to tackling one aspect of web design.

Zainab Hardwarewala

9. Real-world case studies

This course addresses the real issues you're likely to face when you run your own web design business, with dozens of real-life case studies.

So you're fully prepared to go into the marketplace!

“I really like the practicals”

I really like the practicals when they relate to my business. From identifying what my business niche might be, working on my brand etc. to researching the keywords for my business. Whenever it feels like it's applying to the real world, it's great. It makes me feel like I'm moving forward with my business plans.


10. Taught by professional practitioner

Most web design courses are taught by amateur designers. Ben has nearly 20 years' experience and has run several successful agencies, so he knows what it takes to succeed!

You're practically getting an apprenticeship from someone who has seen it all, succeeded, and made money for his clients and himself.

“Designed by someone in the industry”

Knowing that the course has been designed by someone currently in the industry with the experience that Ben basically sealed the deal for me.

Keith McKinney

11. Clear goal of starting your own business

The course is centered around this primary objective: giving you everything you need to be a successful web designer.

You can be confident that the skills you learn will be ready for the marketplace.

“The course paid for itself after month one”

The course paid for itself after month one!

Here is a great summary. I used to drive a old Saab and now I drive a new Audi. That just says everything.

I've been planning to make that testimonial video for you but Ben, you've kind of made me busy!

Fredrik Lange

12. Simple and easy to follow

Ben breaks down the art of effective online marketing, website design, SEO, and production into easy-to-understand principles, which he demonstrates in dozens of case studies and worked examples.

You really can take this course with no prior knowledge or experience of web design.

“Beginners can learn a lot from it”

Professionals can learn from it, beginners can learn a lot from it. It also puts web design in a brand new perspective that its not about development skills.

Fredrik Lange

13. Great variety

Each day's module is on a new topic. On a typical week you'll cycle through the main subject areas each day (business, design, production, traffic, and conversion), plus get one achievable practical assignment.

The wide variety of material means you'll never get bored!

“Keeps me engaged”

The course content varies each day e.g. Monday (Business), Tuesday (Design) etc. This keeps me engaged as I'm learning something different every day.

Mederana Clarke

14. Focused on making you money

Ben is not satisfied with just showing you how to make great websites… He'll show you how to make real money making websites!

Taking the Pro Web Design Course isn't a gamble. You can be confident of recouping your investment (many times over).

“I haven't even finished the course and I've already made my money back”

The course is definitely worth the cost. I haven't even finished the course and I've already made my money back. It teaches you how to separate yourself from the competition and pick out a niche that you enjoy working with.

Finally, the forum that you get access to is worth the money by itself. It's an invaluable resource to be able to bounce ideas, designs, etc. off of other designers that think like you!

Josh Houchin

15. Covers all the bases of business

Including attracting clients, pricing your services, making sales, client management, even the details of client contracts!

You'll be fully prepared to approach prospects with confidence.

“It has taken my business to a whole new level”

It has taken my business to a whole new level and a whole new approach to every detail in my business really.

From selling to producing to follow up – every word – every sale – everything has changed for the better with new understanding of people and marketing.

Fredrik Lange

16. Everything you need, nothing you don't

There are so many topics to study - how can you choose what really matters? With the Pro Web Design Course, you can trust a working professional to guide you through the maze of options.

This is the only course you'll ever need to take.

“I learned more in 5 months than in 5 years of education”

Well, it was a great adventure. I've learned more during these 5 months than during my years studying software development. Great content, easy-to-read books. I feel like it was worth the money.


17. Make websites that really convert

Making websites that get lots of traffic and look great is all very well, but what really matters is getting visitors to take action. Ben Hunt is a respected authority and published author in the field of conversion optimization, so who better to show you how it's done.

Ben's book “Convert!” was published by Wiley in 2011, and is one of the highest-rated books ever on the topic on

Just check out a few of the comments reviewers have left…

Comments on Convert

You'll have better knowledge and insights than the majority of working web designers in this crucial hot topic.

“Made me see the real issues”

I now KNOW where my sites should be going and thanks to Convert! and the Awareness Ladder its self-image has changed radically from one of “preciousness” to a practical application of real world principles.

This course has re-focused my attention, made me see what the real web design issues are and what they are not!

p.s. I'm damn sure you could charge a lot more than you currently do!!

Tony Eddicott

18. Great value

The course includes over 43 100+ hours of totally unique resources, plus ebooks (value over $200), premium interviews and webinar recordings worth $100s more, to make the most complete pro package available anywhere.

You need nothing else. This is your complete toolkit.

“Best Value on the Planet”

This course hands down is the best value out there, really on the planet

No other designer that I have heard or read of is giving away their secrets. Ben is totally transparent. I am still shocked.

It's like an all access pass inside Ben's head and world which is a goldmine of knowledge. The bonuses he has provided and continues to provide may pay for the course.

If you want to further your career or start a business this course is a must.

Marlon Fudge, Connecticut

19. Flexible payment options

You can choose affordable monthly payments, or save by getting a full year for the price of just 9 months.

Plus, of course, with the monthly option, you can try the course for one month from just $97.

There's an option to suit you!

“An investment, not an expense”

Even though my client base is expanding, I still need to watch my expenses. However, your course is really an investment in my future, not an expense

Ron Martin

20. You're GUARANTEED to succeed


If you follow the training this course gives you, and apply it to your own business, and don't make your investment back within 6 months of completing the course, we'll refund all your fees.

There really is no risk! If you complete the course, you will succeed!

“This Course Changed My Life”

Hear the story of Jordan, member since August 2011,
who now runs his own successful web design agency.


21. Regular new content updates

Keeping Pro Web Design Course constantly updated is Ben's full-time job!

New content and case studies help you keep up with new developments and the latest, most relevant skills.

For example, just in the past few months we added…

You know that your skills will be up-to-date with what the market needs!

“Loving the extras”

Some of best parts of the course have been the “extras”. I think the fact that you don't know what might be coming up next makes it quite exciting.

Web Site Works is brilliant. I get so much out of watching your reviews of real sites, what's bad & good, and how to improve them. I make so many notes when watching those videos.


22. Dedicated, professional support

Make contacts, share experiences and get your questions answered, even find work opportunities on our exclusive community forum, where you'll meet dozens of other practitioners.

You're not on your own - you'll always have access to some of the best support available!

“The forum is as valuable as the course itself”

For me, access to the forum that comes with the course has been as valuable as the course itself. You realise that everyone wrestles with the same pricing and process questions, and you can work through problems you are having together.

Rob Drummond

But it gets even better…

NEW... Professional support for ALL students

In 2013 we also guaranteed that professional support is available to all students every day on the forum – from Ben and his Elite team of web professionals.

Which means that, as you're learning, you can also rely on help from experts in marketing, strategy, graphic design, copywriting, conversion, SEO, HTML, CSS… any aspect of web design, production, and marketing!

Note: For priority support, and hands-on help on your projects, check out Ben's PROFESSIONAL offer.

23. Keeps you motivated

The simple day-by-day program, masses of reference material, coaching content, and online support make it easy to keep engaged.

You know you'll get the full benefit of your investment.

“I've already learned so much”

I'm only in week 2, but already I feel I have learned so much, and just from looking at the course material still ahead of me over the next few months I feel confident it will teach me the skills I need to build successful websites.

Keith McKinney

24. Real work opportunities

Several course students have gone on to join Ben's own agency, and many have landed jobs with other professional web or SEO agencies.

You could have several attractive options upon completion!

“I have too much work”

I haven't even completed all the course material, and already I'm getting overwhelmed with work.

I know my next step is to focus on my best skills… and even fire some of my clients.

Sarah Peters

“I used what I learnt in the course to get a 9 grand pay rise”

I still work full time, with my client work on the side. I recently used what I learnt in the course to change my job and get a 9 grand pay rise.

If you are serious about earning a good living from web design, SEO, or other forms of web marketing, please just do it.

Unlike a university course, you will earn back your tuition fees with interest by the time you finish.

Rob Drummond

25. Personal coaching option

If you are 100% committed to your success, you can even take advantage of weekly video calls with Ben Hunt.

Expert-level membership gives you access to one weekly group video chat with Ben and his Elite team.

Elite members get two additional small group sessions with Ben, plus the ability to call Ben direct.

You have every possible opportunity to realize your full potential fast!

“It gave me a new perspective”

I can only suggest everyone to sign up to this course. I was doubting a long till I signed up, but the course is worth much more than it costs.

It gave me new perspective on whole webdesign business. I realized importance of SEO and marketing as the central point of our business.

But knowledge isn't most important thing I gained. It's contacts with great professionals with whom I can network, consult and we are still helping each other to become better web designers.

The community that has grown around the course with Ben as leader and mentor is the thing I value most of all.

Dávid Melich

Here's What You'll Get

Foundation Membership

Don't be fooled, there is no other course like this anywhere!
Try it for a month to discover just how much this course gives you!

Access to full course content, with over 43 100+ hours of videos
(and much more planned for 2014)

Please note: We have plans to add significantly more content every month, so the price of the course may go up over the year. But if you sign up today, we'll guarantee the price you pay will never change, for as long as you are a member.

Fees: Only $97 per month

(or get 12 months for the price of 9)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Software will I need?

The only commercial software you'll need is Adobe Photoshop (it doesn't really matter which version, but full Photoshop is better than Elements).

Pretty much everything else you will need is free.

Q: How much prior experience of Photoshop do I need?

You don't need any, but any experience you do have will make life easier.

You may wish to spend some time with the tutorials to get used to the basic tools before the course starts in earnest, but I do start with the basics.

Q: How Long Does the Course Take?

Well, I've structured the course to run over 6 months. You may need more time, or less time. Clearly, some students are working or have other time commitments. Others have more experience in certain areas.

I'd say that the course will last as long as it needs to for you. So don't worry if you think you may need a bit more time. You will get full access to all the course materials (including any new content) for a minimum of 12 months.

Q: Can I keep the content?

Yes, I would actually encourage you to download and keep the videos to review offline. Just remember that all the material is copyrighted, so don't post online!

Q: How Many Hours Per Week?

Again, this is very much down to you. If you have time every day, that's the ideal way to learn for many people. But if you're very busy, you may combine your study into one or two sessions in a week.

Q: Isn't it a bit thin on PHP/AJAX etc.?

It is not my goal to train you to be a pro web developer. For that you need books and lots and lots of practice.

I'm going to train you to be a pro web designer/architect. So I'll teach you the dev basics you need so that you can do your job.

Q: Do I need broadband in order to do this?

You do, really. The video content may take hours to download otherwise.

Q: What if I'm a really hot designer already?

We have several very talented designers on the course already. They find lots to learn about how to make a really successful site - and always get a huge amount of value.

Many of the marketing strategy, SEO, and architecture materials in this course are totally unique, coming out of Ben's research. For a working designer, they alone could be worth the value of the course.

There will be plenty of nuances to pick up from the way I approach a design problem, think about users and goals, structure sites, lay out pages etc. Even someone already working professionally in design will get value from day one.

Q: What if I turn out to be a complete muggle at design?

Don't worry! You can be colour-blind and still learn the principles that make the difference between a great web site and another one.

Even if you lack the aesthetic gene, you can pick up enough to be able to construct web sites that really work. Using templates would not be a bad place to start.

Q: Will I get an official accreditation upon completing the course?

Not yet.. This is a professional program, designed to get you out there making money in your business. If you need a certificate, this isn't the course for you.

Q: If I choose the monthly payment option, can I terminate the agreement at any time? If so, with what notice?

You would not need to give any notice. Just cancel your PayPal subscription, and you would cease at the end of the current month. You'll be free to keep any materials you've already accessed.

Q: Can I do the course from anywhere in the world?

Of course. I already have students in America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. As long as you have a decent Internet connection, there's no problem.

More Questions?

If you still have any questions at all about the course, please email Ben direct.

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